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Lakeland dry gin

in collaboration with the old crown inn

ABV 42%

Our gin project started as an embryo of an idea in 2022 and we released the first batch of our dry gin in time for Easter 2023. Demand has been huge ever since and we have regularly been playing catch-up to ensure the supply can meet that demand. One year on and we are finally able to add online sales to the sales made directly from the brewery and through our fantastic stockists.

We distil our gin ourselves, at the brewery, with carefully selected botanicals – some of which are foraged locally, specifically gorse, heather and oak. We use the finest specification neutral spirit we can find, produced from grain with a very subtle flavour to it and very low levels of unwanted congeners. Some of the botanicals are macerated overnight to extract the flavour compounds we are after, the remainder are suspended in a basket within the still so that the extraction process is much gentler and again, takes out only the flavours we want.

The result is a very smooth, 42% ABV gin that is reminiscent of the fells in spring and summer. It is juniper forward (as it should be) and has a unique floral character, along with a pleasing spiciness and a sweet liquorice finish. There are no citrus elements in the gin, which means the slice in your glass really changes the experience – we highly recommend using orange instead of the usual lemon or lime.

To find out more, please see our original blog post.

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